We are used to see a heart or a flower in the foam on our coffee. If the barista is really good, he may surprise you with a star. Now you could find any photo, text or graphic, thanks to a new machine. An Israeli start-up, Steam CC, introduced “Ripple Maker” in the past CES 2016 in Vegas.

They expected to offer a great experience with these coffees. Any business that offers coffee is able to buy the machine. Ripple Maker combines 3D and inkjet printing technologies.

Ripple Maker Coffee Ibex Tech

Photo by @coffeeripples

How does it works?

The foam has to be done as usual and then, the barista place the mug in the Ripple Maker. The machine raises the mug up to the print head. There, the desired design is applied to the foam using the extract. It takes 10 seconds.

What can it print?

Users can choose the designs using an app (available for Android and iOS) between all designs from an online library of Ripples. Even they can create a new one. It is a good idea for an original gift to that special person, a friend or even a client.

You can see more information on the official website.