XL Events for Huawei Ascend P6 Launch

Chinese electronics manufacturer, Huawei, introduced their flagship Ascend P6 smartphone to gathered media in London. Huawei’s creative event agency, Uniplan of Hong Kong, designed an immersive 180 degree projection onto gauze followed by a reveal at the end of the presentation to give attendees access to the experiential area behind.

To realise this creative Uniplan hired production company Imagine Believe to produce the launch event at the Roundhouse, in London’s Camden.

To provide the video element of the launch, Imagine Believe contacted XL Events to design and specify the video for the show.

For the main multi-screen blended projection which included brand logos, and demonstration footage of the new smartphone, XL used 12 Barco HD20 projectors.

The challenge of working in the Roundhouse is to ensure the images blend to the screen whilst taking into account the pillars around the centre of the building which support the circular structure.

XL also supplied two of their Sony HXC 100 HD cameras with 70 x lenses for IMAG of the presenters, accompanied by one of XL’s Small Portable Production Units.

For the screens, XL Events used 5 of their Catalyst media servers to playback the pre-programmed media content alongside the main keynote presentation.

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