Imagine you can have someone that washes, dries and folds your clothes. This machine will do it for you and your family as soon as it will be available for purchase. Now it’s just possible a pre-order, but the video that presents “FoldiMate” has become such as viral that may be available earlier than expected.


FoldiMate arrives to “simplify household chores with robotics and technology”, as they say on the website. The project is led by a small group of three people, experts on technology, product developing, robotic and mechanical engineering, besides marketing of course.

New machine 

They ensure that it’s really easy to use the machine, so anyone in the family can do it. And the process will be finished two times faster than manually folding. One more time, technology makes your life easy!

Washing, drying and folding is far away one of the tedious work at home for many people and now this new machine can simplify all this job. We don’t know yet the price, but would you be interested in getting one of this?