CERN control room

CERN’s Vidyo infrastructure has the scalability and capacity to hold collaboration sessions with hundreds of participants in a single video conference.

Scientists around the world are using Vidyo’s products to collaborate on Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments, whose research includes the study of the Higgs boson.

On any given day, 3000 CERN-related video connections may occur over Vidyo systems, some of the meetings are hosting hundreds of users in a single call joining from a variety of personal desktops, mobile devices and room systems.

The infrastructure is also being used by more than 300 H.323 room systems either at CERN or in partner institutes. With peaks of up to 750 concurrent users, the traffic is spread over 20 servers worldwide that automatically cascade to enable network efficient mega conferences in one of the largest private Vidyo conferencing deployments in the world.

“CERN’s worldwide community of researchers represents 113 nationalities and more than 600 universities so gathering in person to discuss research projects can present quite a challenge. Face-to-face, real-time meetings are crucial to the success of CERN’s research mission,” said Frédéric Hemmer, head of IT at CERN.

The experiments at CERN involve thousands of physicists, and their equipment is almost unimaginably large and complex, as is the data they generate. CERN’s largest accelerator, the LHC, is the largest machine in the world, the fastest racetrack on the planet, the emptiest space in the solar system, and represents both one of the hottest spots in the galaxy and one of the coldest places in the universe.

Experiments at the LHC have recently confirmed the existence of the Higgs boson, a subatomic particle believed to give all matter its mass; they aim to discover new fundamental particles and answer questions including whether there are extra dimensions beyond the familiar three dimensions of space and one of time, and what makes up the 95 per cent of the universe not accounted for by visible matter.

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