Vauxhall Adam

The launch of the new Vauxhall Adam saw shoppers and diners see the car come to life, as it breathed and interacting alongside passers-by.

The stunt was created by Lumen and Urban Projections.


The video mapping trick used light to project imagery of animal print, geometric shapes onto the body of the car. The soundtrack and car alarms were played through the Vauxhall Adam’s Infinity sound system which produces 7-channel sound, powered by amplifier and a boot-mounted subwoofer.

‘Adam Illuminates’ reached out to weekend revellers and focused on the car as it sat in Merchant Square, a Victorian covered courtyard for eating and drinking in the centre of Glasgow.

Adam in Merchant Square

Commenting on the stunt for the Vauxhall ADAM, Peter Hope, marketing director said: “The premise behind the Vauxhall Adam is that it has the freedom to change almost every detail.  It’s about fun, surprise and reflecting your style, so the car is about setting trends and not following them.  We wanted to catch people unaware and demonstrate a different, unexpected, fun side to the Vauxhall Adam.”

The Vauxhall Adam website features an Adam configurator  where people can through three individual experiences, Jam (fashionable/colourful), Slam (racy/sporty) and Glam (elegant/sophisticated) all illustrating the different styles of trim levels available.

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