Let’s not even discuss how it’s officially springtime and yet I woke up yesterday to several inches of messy, slushy snow on the ground. Let’s turn instead to a more predictable season. I’m talking, of course, about the America’s Safest Companies (ASC) application season, when organizations with top-notch safety programs strive to be named on of America’s safest.

I’m pleased to tell you that Sandy and I already received our first ASC application last week. (For those of you who prefer to save these things until the last minute, rest assured that you have until July 15 to get your own application into your hands.) This initial application is just the beginning – we can’t wait to learn all about safety-conscious companies large and small, near and far.

Here are a few quick reminders about the application process:

  • We have a new application this year. You can download the writable PDF here and email it to the address listed on the application. We still accept hard copies if you prefer, but in general, email will do the trick.
  • This is a corporate award, which means the company as a whole must apply – individual sites, locations or facilities may not apply separately. We want the whole shebang.
  • If your company won an America’s Safest Companies award in the past, you must wait 5 years before reapplying.
  • At least one representative from each winning company will attend our ASC Conference, held this year Oct. 28-30 in Atlanta. (Winners will be provided with at least two complimentary conference passes.)
  • The receive-by application deadline is July 15, 2013.

For more tips, please see How to Submit a Standout America’s Safest Companies Application.

Good luck! If you need me, I’ll be shoveling snow.

’Tis the Season for ASC Applications
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