How to secure your wireless home connection? These tips will help you to make your Wi-Fi router more secure and protect your personal information.

Create a unique password on your router

Never leave your router open without a password. It is also important to change the default password of the router to another one more secure. Even, you can change it often. It’s easy to change it from the Administration settings on your router setting’s page. Your Wi-Fi will be more secure.

Change your network’s SSID name

We’ve talked about change the password, and it’s also a good idea to change the SSID (Wireless Network Name) of your router. Don’t use your name, address or personal information to set this name.

MAC filtering

This option enables you to add the MAC address of any devices you allow to connect to your network. You will have a list with all these “friendly” devices that you know, so if another one, not in the list, try to connect to your list will be blocked from accessing.

Upgrade your router’s firmware

It’s important to check the manufacturer’s website often to be sure you have the latest version of the firmware.

Get a network monitoring app

You can find many apps (for Android and iOS, for example Fing) that scan your network and provide information about the devices connected to your router. You can use it when you’r worried that an outsider may be connected to your network. This apps provides the MAC for each device. You can personalize them with their names once you have identified them properly. It will help you to know if there’s one that shouldn’t be there.

From Ibex Tech, we hope this post help you to protect your Wi-Fi network.