Thanksgiving! The favourite holiday for american people is here again. From Ibex Tech, we want to talk about some tips that could help you have the best day. Is there a place for technology in thanksgiving? Of course! Every single day, technology is around us to make our life easier. What do you think about it?

thanksgiving ibex tech

Our special tips:
  1. Turkey is the star of the day! It may be hard for dummies at the kitchen but there’s no thanksgiving day without a good turkey. Let’s face the challenge. There’s many digital thermometers that can help us: we will be surely that the turkey is well cooked and we can be in the garden with our family and friends, instead of being alone with the turkey for hours. It definitely helps!!
  2. Not everybody in the kitchen at the same time, please. Board games, Wii, Play Station or even going outside and play a football game! The signs of hunger will appear for sure. Delicious!
  3. Hands-free help. You can’t remember that special ingredient that your mother in law taught to you? Do you need a good advise when something begins to look a weird color, smell or texture… What about Skype? Google Hangout? I’ll raise: Siri!!
  4. Do you have to take a train or a bus? It’s time to select good music, games, e-books, interesting apps… Check your batteries!
  5. The most important one: the smartphone quite far from the cranberry sauce!

Do you miss any different one? Do you have a special trick to cook your turkey?

We hope you spend a lovely thanksgiving day with your family and friends. Technology is just a way to get what we need. Let’s use it properly and safety.

Happy thanksgiving day from Ibex Tech team!