With a theme of “Worker Safety Works for Everyone,” the 2013 North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week strives to raise awareness about occupational safety and health and encourages EHS professionals to share their safety stories.

NAOSH Week is held annually during the first full week of May to raise awareness about the importance of safety at work, home and in the community. The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) partners with the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE), OSHA and other organizations and thousands of businesses to promote the event’s mission of encouraging EHS professionals to raise awareness of occupational safety and health.

Concerned about the 4,609 work-related deaths reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2011, ASSE and its partners support NAOSH Week as a vehicle for safety, health and environmental professionals to spread awareness of preventative measures that must be taken to prevent occupational injuries and fatalities.

According to ASSE President Richard A. Pollock, CSP, NAOSH Week works toward this goal by providing resources, best practices and success stories. “Together, we can help reduce workplace tragedies,” he said.

Or, as expressed in a video promoting the event: “Simply put, NAOSH Week is an opportunity to tell your story.”

The NAOSH Week site offers suggestions for sharing your story and spreading the safety word, including:

  • Host a public symposium on health and safety issues in your community and work;
  • Host a safety day camp for school children, employees and their families;
  • Conduct an open house that focuses on health and safety;
  • Partner with suppliers and community health and safety organizations to set up safety demonstrations;
  • Sponsor a safety poster contest for employee’s children and create a safety calendar for your staff and clients;
  • Create games, contests and scavenger hunts to test safety and health knowledge;
  • Send public service announcements (PSA) to local radio stations and reaching out to local media;
  • Host a personal protective equipment fashion show; and much more.

Despite progress made over the years in reducing occupational injuries and fatalities, thousands of workers are still injured or lose their lives on the job. “This is why NAOSH Week is important,” ASSE’s video stresses, “and why it is so important to share your story.”

Share Your Safety Story During NAOSH Week
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