Selfridges Denim Studio window

BrightSign products are supplied to Freehand by UK distributor Pixels and deliver content created by Freehand.

The new Denim Studio at Selfridges London covers 26,000 sq. feet, stocking 60 brands, with 50 staff on hand to help . It offers thousands of styles and hundreds of exclusives from £11 to £11,000.

BrightSign solid state players used in the Denim Exclusives event are powering the screens in four of the most prominent windows in the Oxford Street department store.

Its most prominent window, on the corner of Oxford Street and Orchard Street, has been converted into a photographic studio featuring eight screens driven by BrightSign players.

The display uses Samsung screens

Two further windows incorporate a mixture of portrait and landscape screens delivering a live feed from Instagram showing customers wearing their own favourite denims.

A final window has a looped time-lapse video. A ticker tape based on an RSS feed of Selfridges own content is also a feature of the displays.

Freehand conceived and implemented all of the screen-based content for the event.  Selfridges owns eight BrightSign players supplied by Pixels which are used regularly in its windows for sales events.  Additional BrightSign XD230 players were rented from Freehand.

Selfridges has reported that it has seen sales in the denim category grow by more than 50 per cent over the past four years, prompting it to launch an expansion plan two years ago. This has led to the opening of the Denim Studio following an investment well in excess of £6M.

It is now five times bigger than the previous denim department, with double the number of brands. Selfridges expects to sell nearly two pairs of jeans every minute during its daily trading hours, and to do that it needs to engage customers and provide them with an interactive experience.

Freehand’s concept of using the BrightSign players to allow users to display their own content in Oxford Street windows is a first for Selfridges, and is right in line with Selfridges strategy of engaging with its audience.

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