Petrol wanted the system to maximise their income and capitalise their value added services. It also wanted a centrally managed communication system for promoting in-store products.  In addition, the company wanted to integrate its tailor-made cash register system with the digital signage system they had in mind.

30 Slovenian Petrol service stations are now equipped with a total of 400 digital displays, all powered by Scala software. Screens installed at the pumps are weather-resistant and display advertisements of products that are sold in the station’s store.

Inside the station’s store, customers are welcomed by either one or two full HD screens displaying products and services advertisements.  At the cash registry counter, a screen displays an overview of the chosen items after scanning. It also displays additional product information, sourced through a database that is connected to the digital communication system.

Petrol has experienced an increase in sales of the products advertised on the screens so as a result the company if to roll-out its digital signage formula to an increasing number of its domestic and international stations. Petrol foresees a growth in number of stations going well beyond its current 300 service stations.

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