Is Safari crashing on your iPhone or Mac? It is not about your device. Thousands of users report the same error that started today, Wednesday. It is seems to be a bug related to Apple’s search suggestions, and it is causing crashes in both, iOS and Mac users.

Apple doesn’t report the bug yet, as we can see in their website, but the users claimed against the Cupertino company since this morning. Thousands of comments in Twitter and Reddit.

How to fix Safari crashing?

Some users have provided a temporary solution to use Safari: disabling ‘Search Engine Suggestions’ on Safari settings. If you have another browser installed on your device, such as Google Chrome, is a good alternative at the moment.

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Is it a virus?

No, it isn’t. But we have to alert you: there’s a prank website, that reboot devices and causes shutdowns. It happens both: iOS and Android users, under any browser. Some users report that it may affect also on desktop browsers. So, avoid enter to this website and be extremely careful with address shortener that may camouflage the link.