The facility’s Artist systems feature a distributed masterless system architecture that reduces wiring, making it cost-effective for users to configure intercom panels and partylines to meet current production requirements at the center’s three theatres: the Linney, the Diamond, and the Griffin.

For each theater, engineers have created stage manager stations comprised of Artist 1000 Series control key-panels packaged into flight cases. Access plates throughout the building provide connections for both Artist control panels and Performer digital partylines, which are routed via a central patch bay.

The theatre company uses an Acrobat CC-60 cell controller to support 16 wireless beltpacks. In addition, 24 Acrobat CA-6 cell antenna units installed at the Pershing Square Signature Center ensure coverage of the building with seamless hand-over between the antennas’ cells, providing intercom communications with audio quality regardless of users’ location.

The Acrobat system is optimised for both partyline and point-to-point communications and provides digital audio quality without interfering with UHF radio microphones or in-ear monitors.

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