RapcoHorizon DesignVision2 at InfoComm

Under the new software release, the panel-design program now offers an updated workspace functionality and access to the software through Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud Platform. DV2 enables users to create expert-quality custom installation diagrams for A/V installation projects.

It features a simple interface, allowing someone with no computer-aided design (CAD) experience to create CAD-like setups of custom rack panels, wall plates and floor pocket inserts. Azure Cloud now makes the system available in an instant. With the cloud, users have the ability to call up the DV2 report from wherever they are located, including on the job site.

The dealer or systems integrator can utilize the DV2 software’s drag-and-drop feature to place desired connectors directly on the selected panels. Calling on the system’s basic set of design tools, the user can even create a template for engraving.

Once the drawing is complete, the dealer has access to an accurate price quote for the customer to view and approve. The design and bill of materials can then be confirmed with a RapcoHorizon sales representative to ensure an expedited distribution of the custom panel to the client.

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