Placing bets in the workplace might be controversial, but the practice also seems to be gaining acceptance among workers. According to the Vault 2013 Office Betting Survey, 79 percent of respondents believe it is appropriate to engage in office betting pools, with many considering the activity a way to bond, raise morale and build relationships in the office.

The survey results revealed that 70 percent of respondents admitted to participating in an office betting pool, while 80 percent claimed to know a coworker who has participated in such pools. Survey respondents suggested that such office betting could present a bonding experience and help coworkers build stronger relationships.

“Business professionals are working harder to meet the demands of today’s workforce and need something that allows them to let off a little steam,” explained Tara McCaffrey, VP of marketing at “Office betting, done the right way, has the ability to bring coworkers closer together. When you build camaraderie in and out of the office using a social event like March Madness or the Academy Awards, it can enrich aspects of the actual workday, such as teamwork and project flow.”

For many respondents, their employers’ official take on office betting remains murky. Nearly half of professionals surveyed (49 percent) were unsure whether their company has any policy regarding workplace betting. Among the rest, 11 percent reported that their company does have a policy in place regarding office betting, while 39 percent claimed their company does not.

Place Your Bets: Wagers in the Workplace Gaining Acceptance
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