Employers may have an additional 3 years to come into compliance with OSHA’s new crane operator certification requirements. The agency is proposing changing the compliance deadline to Nov. 10, 2017.

When OSHA issued its final standard on requirements for cranes and derricks in construction in 2010, the initial deadline to meet qualification/certification requirements for crane operators was Nov. 10, 2014. OSHA proposes to extend the compliance deadline by 3 years based on concerns raised about the new requirements.

The agency is considering addressing these concerns through a later separate rulemaking, and will propose to extend the compliance date so that the qualification/certification requirements do not take effect during potential rulemaking or cause disruption to the construction industry.

OSHA held three stakeholder meetings on operator certification/qualification issues in April. The agency also plans to post a list of frequently asked questions on its Cranes and Derricks in Construction Web page to provide additional clarification and address some comments and concerns raised by stakeholders.

OSHA Proposes Extending Crane Operator Certification Compliance Deadline to 2017
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