Yes, you read it right: self parking chairs. Nissan is working on upcoming autonomous automotive technology and they’ve become these chairs into a viral video on social networks. Just with a clap, a tidy office becomes easily in the perfect one: the chairs run to their original position, next to the table.

self parking chairs

Self parking system

The system uses at least four cameras in the room to analyze the 3D space, communicating and informing the chairs how to navigate the room and tuck themselves back under the desk. It can also spin around 360-degrees.

They are planning to provide this technology in various car models by 2020. That’s why we are all laughing with the video. Some people described it as scary, other as useless, but we have to keep in mind that it has been a great marketing campaign just to show what they can do. Nissan is not interested in improve your office, so you still need to keep it tidy and move your own chair. Talking about cars and self-parking maybe is nearest…