Panopto iPad app

Panopto’s iPad app includes the ability for users to view presentations and videos through a touch-friendly interface, and search inside videos to fast-forward to any word mentioned during a recording. It can also record HD videos and automatically upload them into Panopto’s video content management system, a YouTube-style portal for sharing videos.

The native iPad app brings these capabilities to the iPhone as well, automatically adapting to the iPhone’s form factor. 

Panopto has also introduced an integrated video capture and recording device through a collaboration with Epiphan Systems, an manufacturer of  professional audio video capture, recording and streaming hardware.

The ‘Panopto Certified’ Remote Recorder is the first ARM-based, Embedded Linux video capture device to integrate with Panopto’s video platform, enabling customers to record and combine an SD video (s-video/composite) camera input; an audio input; and an HD input from a VGA, DVI, HDMI display or camera output, and automatically upload recordings to Panopto’s video content management system. Users can also schedule and control recordings using Panopto’s web-based interface.

The Panopto 4.4 release also introduces new functionality to its web-based video editor that is typically only found in high-end video recording and switching appliances.  The new functionality enables post-production switching between multiple video sources.

Like high-end video appliances, Panopto supports the simultaneous capture of multiple video tracks during an event or presentation.  Then, using Panopto’s web-based editor, a videographer can control and fine-tune when to transition between video sources.

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