Paul Ross, N-vest

Paul Ross is an experienced Microsoft product trainer and videographer who has been creating video training programmes for more than five years from his fully-equipped video production studio.

He will spearhead the launch of N-vest bespoke video training a library of video training materials for use in N-vest end-user product training and N-vest sales coaching programmes for AV channel businesses.

Paul Ross says: “Learning to use software and hardware can be a daunting task, and video is a great way to help your staff and customers to learn at their own pace and build the confidence and competence they need to get up and running smoothly.

“We work with brands and suppliers to design video content to suit their specific needs, from step-by-step guides that help your users easily comprehend your message to presenter-led video content that gives your product training a human face or sixty-second top tip that communicate the benefits of a product or service so well.”

Director of N-vest Pip Thomas comments: “We’ve seen demand for N-vest product training increase dramatically this year both in terms of volume and types of training required. Having Paul on the training team helps us meet that demand.

“”The new bespoke video training resources being created by Paul will also further enrich the training and learning experience offered by N-vest.

Sample training is available on N-vest’s Youtube training channel for technology manufacturers and suppliers

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