Lighthouse Technologies’ new 6mm SMD LED screen

The screen is the centerpiece installation at Trinity Shopping Centre, in Leeds, and was unveiled to the public during the opening ceremony.

Measuring an impressive 5.3m high x 3.2m wide, the screen is situated in an environmental location on a south facing elevation, directly under the glass domed roof of this new 1m sq ft shopping centre.

With a 6mm pixel pitch resolution, a maximum brightness of up to 5,000 nits, 16 bit processing depth, 100,000 Hz display refresh rate and a 2000:1 contrast ratio, the Everyman screen forms part of the new advanced Trinity screen media network, which includes interactive LCD screens and large format LED advertising screens linked to retailer websites and promotions, Google product search, and the Trinity Leeds app featuring GPS (Android and Apple) and free Wi-Fi.

The screen is situated on a south facing elevation, directly under a glass dome, with high ambient lighting conditions. The viewing distance to the screen in certain locations around the centre was minimal, resulting in a requirement to find a high resolution and high brightness LED screen, not the normal situation with LED screens.

Lighthouse worked closely with the design team at 53 Degrees for almost a year to ensure the new high-brightness 6mm screen would be ready in time for the installation.

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