With this update, NEC can now offer a complete line-up covering high-end and standard 6mm pixel pitch indoor modules, as well as 10 (SMD), 15 (RGB) and 20mm (RGB) pixel pitch IP65 rated panels designed for outdoor use.

The smaller modules are suitable for creating LED walls with indoor scenarios such as shopping malls, storefronts and large reception areas.

These modules can also be built into larger LED walls best suited for stadiums, outdoor piazzas, billboards and other large size installations across a range of applications.

Videowalls, irrespective of the NEC module used, can be equipped with an optional ambient light sensor. The sensor helps to optimise ergonomics by avoiding blinding brightness levels and also helps to reduce TCO by reducing power consumption.

The 10mm module can be used both indoor and outdoor, while the 20mm module has been designed for outdoor installations with longer viewing distances.

As well as expanding its range of LED modules, NEC has also developed The Messenger Plug and Display range, designed to offer way-finding, signage and advertising applications.

This free-standing 2 x 1m system can run from a standard plug point and can be delivered in single-sided or double-sided versions.

They are available with three levels of picture quality depending on the application requirements. Text information or graphics with 15mm modules and higher resolution content including video using 6mm or 10mm modules. They can be run locally from an OPS SBC computer or a laptop PC installed within the Messenger solution and can be remotely controlled over Wi-Fi. Additional options for audio, air conditioning units and heating are available and the Messenger is available in any colour or finish.

The NEC LED modules are available from April 2013 and can be obtained exclusively as a BTO (Built To Order) solution.

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