wide-screen 2.3MP MD242C2

It has also refreshed its GammaCompMD QA software suite with a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) and integration of the QAXRAY module in line with the latest Quality Assurance standards.

The MD211C3 and MD242C2 are 21.3- and 24.1-inch LED backlit displays for viewing colour and greyscale digital images for diagnosis by trained physicians. The high brightness 3MP resolution of the MD211C3 makes it a perfect upgrade for legacy greyscale and older colour products.

Similarly, the wide-screen 2.3MP MD242C2 is a seamless replacement for two 1MP displays.

Applications for both monitors include diagnostics image reporting in radiography as well as primary diagnostics imaging, X-Ray, CT, MRI, PET diagnosis and other medical imaging techniques.

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