Liam Norris, business manager at NNAV: “These videowalls and large format displays will have only been used for one day and are literally brand ‘fresh out of the box’ new.”

The Showcase will feature brand new displays for one day only, creating an opportunity for NNAV customers anywhere in the world to purchase the products straight away, at a lower cost than buying new.

NNAV will be present at the Showcase offering interested buyers the option to pre-order and purchase products on the day.

All videowall productsand a selection of large format displaysat the NEC Solutions Showcase will be available to browse and buy on the NNAV website immediately after the event closes. NNAV will use its network of contacts in the UK and Europe, as well as emerging markets, including United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, to ensure the sale of the displays.

Neil Hartigan, channel director, NEC Display Solutions, said, “This is the first time we’ve entered a sales agreement like this but it makes complete sense and will provide benefits to both parties. I think it’s a fantastic concept that everyone should take into consideration.”

Commenting on the partnership with NEC, Liam Norris, Business Manager at NNAV said: “The videowalls and large format displays appearing at the 2013 Showcase will have only been used for one day and are literally brand ‘fresh out of the box’ new. By partnering with us, NEC will benefit from a specialist service that adds value back into the business by helping them get a good return, whilst increasing market share and flexibility at the same time.”

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