Slash is impressed with the durability of Mogami Guitar Cable

Utilising a high-density shield and conductive PVC layer to eliminate handling noise, the cable features an oxygen free copper core that results in a very low-noise, transparent and accurate cable.

“The main thing about these cables is that they endure everything I put them through, which is Hell,” said Slash.

The unique manufacturing processes developed by Mogami makes it possible to execute over 3,500 types of cables in their factory in Nagano, Japan. This enables Mogami to design the most suitable cable configuration for each application and produce extremely efficient products without any unnecessary waste.

Mogami ‘Cable for Life’ products are high-quality cables available in a single-cable package with terminated ends. The range includes a total of 46 cables, including Reference Microphones Cables, Premium Studio Accessory Cables; Premium Guitar Cables, Premium AES/EBU Interface Cables; Analogue 8-channel multicore cables, and Digital 8-channel AES/EBU multicore cables.

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