With an investment of nearly $20 million by Germany’s Stage Entertainment GmbH, Rocky is staged in Hamburg’s 1,400-seat Operettenhaus, a Stage Entertainment-owned theatre.

“I started discussing Constellation with technical management at Stage Entertainment early in the project,” says sound designer Peter Hylenski. “As the design for the show came together, it quickly became evident that Constellation would be playing not only a technical role in enhancing room sound, but also an artistic role by providing enhanced ‘environments’ to match specific locales in the story.”

According to Hylenski, the Constellation system realises a dramatic, two-fold enhancement of his sound design.

“As an acoustic enhancement system, even the slightest addition seems to ‘lift the sound off the page’ by giving more depth and excitement to the room,” he says. “But we also use it as an environmental simulator. Two examples are scene where Rocky is punching sides of beef in the meat locker—using short, hard early reflections—and the final fight scene with long pre-delays to create the feeling of an arena. It’s exciting and theatrical, yet it sounds incredibly real.”

The permanent Constellation system at the Operettenhaus is built around the Meyer Sound D-Mitri digital audio platform with two core processors, a core matrix unit, and nine digital and analog I/O units.

Four DVRAS modules generate early reflections and complex late reverberations in four zones.

42 cardioid and omni microphones pick up ambient room sound, with the variable acoustics created through 235 Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers comprising seven different full-range and subwoofer models.

The options for room variation include five reverberation times, each with three density settings, plus nine bass ratio and nine strength presets.

Amptown System Company GmbH (ASC) of Hamburg supplied all Meyer Sound components for both the permanent Constellation and current production systems.

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