Magenta HD-One Family

The HD-One DX 500 supports the extension of 1920×1200 and 1080p HDMI video plus embedded audio, while the HD-One LX 500 adds support for two-way RS-232 and IR signals (36.7, 38.0 or 58.8 kHz, user selectable).

Both units are sold in a kit form that includes a transmitter, receiver and power supplies. The HD-One LX 500 kit also includes a pair of IR dongles to ensure speedy installation.

In addition to their extended reach, HD-One 500 products are engineered to use less power, dissipate less heat, and offer better emission and susceptibility performance than HD-BaseT products.

Exceeding the 100-metre hurdle of typical digital extenders allows integrators, consultants and installers to ensure that screens are placed exactly where an application needs them to be, while avoiding any reliance on splitters or boosters that can compromise signal quality.

HD-One500 Series products are currently available.

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