Keyboard is essential in your day to day. I guess, many times a day. Typing in our smartphone has become a routine for everyone. Some people use voice messages or a kind of keyboard that detects your voice and converts it to text. It gets what you want to write, or something similar…

We want to talk about a different way of typing. For those who don’t know yet, there are multiple predictive text keyboards with continuous gesture typing. They completely change the way you type. Many people could think your playing around or just cleaning your screen, but actually you’re typing a message faster than them.

swype keyboard

Keyboard for iOS and Android

These keyboards have been available for Android for years. For iPhone and iPads they’re available since iOS 8, becoming an authentic revolution. Is it possible to find lot of them, but we want to talk about the original one: Swype.

Swype was the first one. Many specialist say it is the best, so far. For sure, it is one of the most accurate. It’s available in 25 languages and always learn from you and your vocabulary. It is possible to add new words in each language you use.

Here you have a short video to introduce you how it works:

And now… Are you already using it?