Inter American Bank Washington

In addition to various upgrades of the already existing CDSVAN standard conference systems, the company equipped two more conference rooms with customer-specific CDSVAN microphone and interpreter technology.

The emphasis was on three goals; The integration of new RFID card reader technology with a frequency of 125 KHz. This allows the staff IDs, which among other things provide access to the building, to be used for the identification in the conference system with any modifications.

The second goal was the development of a customer-specific design of the delegates’ units allowing for different configurations and functionalities.

Various types of installation were realised for tables and armrests as well as a splash water protected model.  Water-proof housing means an accidental spilling of liquids will not affect the conference currently under way.

The final goal was the development of customer-specific CDSVAN software, which in combination with the customer’s conference software and connection to the in-house server services handles the management of the conference.

In addition to the identification via RFID card it is possible to directly log into the conference unit using your own PIN number. The software allows to define special authorisations for individual groups of delegates e.g. some delegates can directly speak while other delegates may initiate only a request to speak or a double handed request to speak.

The president units are equipped with additional functions such as the voting management.

The project was installed by Brähler local partner Conference Systems Inc. (CSI), based in Washington.

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