Integer’s Wi Sh

Wi Sh is being brought to market in the UK by Integer in partnership with VIVID Digital Retail, a technology business delivering digital solutions for visual communication within Retail.

Wi Sh  is a full-blown virtual store, open 24/7.  The technology gives a platform for retailers to provide their shoppers with a new shopping experience.

Whether through doubling a store’s footprint overnight via pop-up Wi Sh retail, or offering shoppers access to exclusives such as ‘buy from the catwalk’, or curating social media content for ‘daily recommendations’, there many ways Wi Sh can be used.

Clare Cryer, MD of Integer London said: “As part of the shopper marketing industry we believe that, to date, shopper marketing execution has yet to live up to client expectation.  We intend to change that and we’re delighted to bring Window Shopping to the UK.  With today’s technical possibilities and e-commerce there really is no reason to shut down your store anymore.  Giving shoppers choice and innovation has proven to increase sales to the bricks-and-mortar store as well as sales via ecommerce.”

The debate in Visual Merchandise remains mannequin versus digital, I think the solution is both. The Wi Sh solution combines digital technology that provides an engagement with the shopper in a multisensory way yet still provides the VM teams their creativity to dress a mannequin.”

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