This infographic, “Workplace Injuries: Cost and Cause” from BOLT Insurance, highlights how much money workplace injuries cost business every year and the most common causes of injuries.

The top 10 causes of disabling injuries are overexertion, fall on same level, fall to lower level, bodily reaction, struck by object, highway incident, caught in/compressed by, struck against object, repetitive motion and assault/violent act. More than 50 percent of the nonfatal injuries are caused by overexertion or falling.

Indirect costs include training replacement employees, accident investigation, lost productivity, etc., and can be 20 times higher than direct medical and wage replacement costs.

The industries with the largest percentage of workers’ compensation claims include: air travel (7.3 percent get injured on the job), beverage and tobacco manufacturing (6.9 percent) and couriers and messengers (6.6 percent).

Infographic: The Cost of Workers Comp Payments Is $1 Billion per Week
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