According to an infographic from Graphic Products, not all cities in America are created equal when it comes to death rates from occupational injuries. Smaller cities built around a specific industry, for example, are more likely to have dangerous work environments.

The infographic, “Deadliest and Safest Cities to Work In,” reveals that Midland, Texas, is considered the “most dangerous” city for workers, based on a rate of 85.53 worker fatalities per 100,000 (that works out to be 12 fatalities for the city’s 140,308 population). Workers in the Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville, Calif., region, meanwhile, enjoy the lowest rate at 5.97 fatalities per 100,000 (that’s 13 fatalities in a population of 2,176,235).

To learn more, view the infographic below:

Infographic: Is Your City One of the Deadliest for Workers?
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