From texting to emailing to video chatting to instant mesaging and more, workers today have a variety of communication methods at their fingertips. Despite these options, a recent survey of 300 U.S. knowledge workers shows that most workers still approach work-related communications the old-fashioned way: in person and face-to-face.

“When it comes to increasing workplace productivity, it’s clear that tools like email and instant messaging help, but don’t replace personal collaboration,” said Charles Var, vice president of marketing for TrackVia. “Context also matters as people’s preference for communication appears to change based on what they’re doing.” 

While in-person communication clearly remains important and relevant in the workplace, TrackVia’s infographic also reveals how electronic communication can help employees make friends at work, stay in touch with their families, and even gossip or flirt. View the infographic below to learn more:

Infographic: Electronic Communication Does Not Replace In-Person Interaction at Work
EHS Today