HSL MD Simon Stuart

The merger sees PSI’s operations in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic continue unchanged with the same directors, staff, facilities and distinct identity.

The major change will be PSI will now have access to HSL’s equipment inventory and additional resources.

Combined annual sales are expected to reach £15 million in the next 24 months, there are over 100 full time employees and the new working relationship will enable both companies’ UK and Irish operations to be streamlined.

PSI director Brian Reilly

PSI will have HSL’s stock and resources at its disposal – including over 5000 moving lights, three kilometres of trussing and 800 square metres of LED surfaces.

Last year both HSL and PSI expanded and moved into new warehouse premises – in PSI’s case, both their Belfast and Dublin sites.

PSI has three directors; Brian Reilly and Sean Pagel in Belfast and Ciaran Tallon who runs the Dublin facility.

HSL directors Simon Stuart and Mike Oates are based in Blackburn, UK.

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