Hong Kong Space Museum entrance

The new d&b audiotechnik 7.1-channel surround sound system comprises a total of three E12D screen channels with two S18 subwoofers, with left and left-rear surround – mirrored on the right – distributed via a total of four E8s. All driven by d&b D12 and D6 amplification, with two d&b M6s for mobile stage foldback support.

This upgrade is a departure from the previous simpler left/right channels of speakers and subs, and goes a bit further than just a conventional and cinema due to the multipurpose nature of the room and also a desire to offer a bit more of a special movie audience experience.

Films of magnificent proportions such as Space Junk 3D, To The Arctic, and The Last Reef: Cities Beneath the Sea have their standard 7.1 audio enhanced by TiMax to provide a more immersive aural effect.

TiMax SoundHub is able to switch between various different   audio routing, EQ, level profiling and spatialisation setups for different applications – LCR sound reinforcement for lectures and presentations on the main stage, 5.1 movie playback, straight 7.1 and TiMax-enhanced 7.1 which uses delay-matrix Image Definitions to blend the incoming standard 7.1 content across screen and surround channels to provide a more enveloping soundfield across a wide audience area.

The system was designed and installed by the TiMax SoundHub HK and PRC distributors Sound Works Supplies.

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