Security cameras can help protect your home from burglaries. Most properties in the US are well equipped with security cameras, but it’s very important to place them properly to take the most of them. Your office or workplace must be guarded, but when it comes to your family’s security, always trust a good professional who’s qualified to do this job.

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First of all, common sense tells us not to leave tracks. Be care with your keys, your ID documentation. Of course, be sure you lock the door after leaving the house. Don’t forget the garage door. Ensures the windows. Now, thanks to the technology, you can have a well equipped smart house that helps you with these issues. Imagine you’re out for a couple of days or just holiday time. You can configure the lighting from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, so it could seems someone is in the house. Same thing for blinds.

Burglar alarm

Nowadays it’s really easy and not expensive at all to install a burglar alarm system at home. Select your pin code and just follow your common sense: don’t write it down anywhere. At least, not next to the display. You can change the code often for your own security and tell it as a secret, just for your family members. Again, technology helps you with advanced systems that allows to configure it from your smartphone before arriving home or after leaving.

Security cameras

It’s a good idea to protect your home with security cameras. The front door, back door and first-floor windows are the most common entryways for criminals. So we recommend to put the cameras where burglars are most likely to get in.

It’s important to put them properly, facing downward. Note that the cameras should have night vision, otherwise, they don’t work at evening or night time. A plus, depending on your location: waterproof. How relevant is it that the burglar could see the camera? You can consider to put some of them in a visible area an other ones non visible.

At Ibex Tech, we have the best technicians in South Florida. We can install your home security cameras to protect your property.