Hitachi CP-WU9410 projector

All three models contain the built-in dual colour wheel that enables users to switch between high brightness mode or the rich colour mode via the remote control, depending upon the ambient conditions.

The Hitachi Accentualizer enhances image sharpness, gloss and shade using advanced image processing technology and is adjustable in order to ensure accurate colour reproduction in any environment.

The dual lamp system, available on all models, can operate together for high brightness or individually for longer lamp life. Lamps switch automatically in the event of a failure and in Alternative mode can operate continuously for twenty-four hour operation.

Lamp time, filter time, projection time and IP address can all be monitored for easy maintenance via the LCD panel on the rear of the projector.

However, with an advanced new cooling system and a high performance filter that is expected to last up to 50 times longer than conventional filters, maintenance should be minimal.

Features include built-in edge blending,  geometric correction for projection onto a range of curved or cornered surfaces, and five interchangeable lenses to suit different screen sizes and installation environments.

Each projector provides four digital inputs consisting of two HDMI, a DVI-D and an HDBaseT connection that means signals can be transmitted for up to 100 metres with no image degradation using standard LAN cables (Cat5e/6).

All three models have contrast ratios of 3000:1.

The CP-WU9410 will be available in Europe in September, with the other two models following in November.

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