Google recently launches a new free service: 360º view of the Performing Arts. Discover the Paris Opera and over 60 performing arts partners around the world on the Google Cultural Institute: virtual tours, gigapixel photos, collections, exhibitions and more. Now you are able to watch the greatest performances come to life in 360º from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, wherever you want.

performing arts

Google Cultural Institute is an online platform that uses Google’s technology to share art and culture. Thanks to the technology you can get into one of the most venerable venues of all times: Carnegie Hall, Berliner Philharmonie, Paris Opera, Royal College of Music… For those who can’t visit these amazing places, this initiative makes it possible.


Who could imagine it years ago? Technology puts us all onstage. “What I’m hoping is that they will realize that there’s much more to being on the Internet than just capturing a video and uploading it to YouTube”, said Amit Sood, the director of the Google Cultural Institute via Google Hangouts.

Now, we invite you to get in and discover these wonderful places. Which one is your favourite?