Google Home is a new voice-activated home device announced by Google whose launch will be later this year. This was the big deal of the presentation last Wednesday announced by Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer of Google.

Google Home allows you and your family to get answers from Google, stream music and manage everyday tasks, as they describe in the official website. We don’t know much more about the new possibilities, but if you are really interested, you can leave your e-mail account in the mentioned website to be updated with the latest news from Google.

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What we know is that Google Home will be completely linked to Google Now, the assistant. They’re very proud to be working in this assistant for 10 years. Actually, we can think it’s not as popular as Siri (for iOS devices), but there a lot of expectation around it.

“Access to the Google Assistant makes this a lot easier. It’s like having a voice-activated remote control to the real world whenever you need it”, said Mario Queiroz, Google’s vice-president of product management in the annual developer event. It sounds really good: “a remote control to the real world”. We will have to wait until see if it really works as nice as they describe.

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What we already know is that the device is elegant, smart, sophisticated and can be easily integrated in your living room. This is a good point.

Do you think it will be popular? Would you like to try it?