New fuel and car standards from the Environmental Protection Agency could reduce smog-forming volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides by 80 percent.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed wat its calling “sensible” standards for cars and gasoline that significantly will reduce pollution and prevent thousands of premature deaths and illnesses, while also enabling efficiency improvements in our cars and trucks.

EPA’s cleaner fuels and cars standards, created with input from auto manufacturers, refiners and states, are an important component of the administration’s national program for clean cars and trucks. The program also includes historic fuel efficiency standards. Once fully in place, the standards will help avoid up to 2,400 premature deaths per year and 23,000 cases of respiratory ailments in children, according to EPA.

“The Obama administration has taken a series of steps to reinvigorate the auto industry and ensure that the cars of tomorrow are cleaner, more efficient and saving drivers money at the pump and these common-sense cleaner fuels and cars standards are another example of how we can protect the environment and public health in an affordable and practical way,” said EPA Acting Administrator Bob Perciasepe. “[The] proposed standards – which will save thousands of lives and protect the most vulnerable — are the next step in our work to protect public health and will provide the automotive industry with the certainty they need to offer the same car models in all 50 states.”

Following a proven systems approach that addresses vehicles and fuels as an integrated system, the proposal will slash emissions of a range of harmful pollutants, including reducing smog-forming volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides by 80 percent, establish a 70 percent tighter particulate matter standard and reduce fuel vapor emissions to near zero. The proposal also will reduce vehicle emissions of toxic air pollutants, such as benzene and 1,3-butadiene, by up to 40 percent.

EPA Proposes ‘Achievable’ Cleaner Fuels and Cars Standard
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