Do You Lead With Your Head, Your Heart or Your Hands?

Whether your natural leadership style is akin to a coach (leading with your heart), a visionary (leading with your head) or an executor (leading with your hands), your approach likely has various benefits and pitfalls. One expert outlines these three leadership styles and offers tips for embracing your strengths and addressing your blind spots.

Barbara Trautlein, Ph.D., author of Change Intelligence: Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change that Sticks, has more than 25 years experience helping businesses lead change. She says contemporary leaders must have a high CQ, or “change intelligence.”

“Today’s marketplace is in a state of constant change, and successful companies are those that can also respond and quickly adapt to the changes around them,” said Trautlein. “That requires leaders who are able to lead with the head – focusing on the big-picture goal and business objectives; the heart – knowing how to engage, coach and motivate people; and with your hands – providing the tactical tools and skills necessary like a project manager.

“People tend to be stronger in one or two of those areas and weaker in the others,” she added. “We need to identify our weak areas and work on strengthening them.”

That means leaders should ask themselves if they lead with their heads, hearts or hands.

Do You Lead With Your Head, Your Heart or Your Hands?
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