Here are some cool ways to decorate for fall, incorporating different lighting techniques.

  1. Light Stringers (Putting up light stringers in your home can create a pleasing aesthetic. They come in a variety of colors, so you can find some that match your fall preference. For example: yellow, brown, or even orange lights.)
  2. Lanterns are a cool decorative idea that are commonly associated with the fall time. Placing these around your home will create a festive environment.
  3. Pumpkins! It’s a fun activity to carve pumpkins at this time of the year and place them in front of your home. This year instead of putting candles inside of the pumpkin, wrap LED lights around a mason jar and let that light it up. Led lights are brighter and more practical than candles.
  4. Antique lamps will give your interiors that perfect vintage fall glow.
  5. Flicker Flame lights are ideal for Halloween lighting, they give the illusion of having candles placed around the home.

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