CT for UK Pink Tour

CT has invested in over 350 500x500mm modules of the MC’s new 7mm range manufactured by displayLED, to provide high impact displays on the production of Pink’s ‘Truth About Love’ tour.

The set consists of 10 separate configurations of MC7 modules, built around the centrepiece of a ‘dressed’ heart-shaped 6m tall MC7 screen, flanked by four moving video ‘picture frames’ which fly spectacularly around the set throughout the show.

In addition, four columns of MC7 rise from the stage behind the band while, further back, another screen forms a backdrop for Pink’s dramatic departure on a descending lift.

The non-rigid pixel mapping ability of the screens has allowed the heart shape to be programmed, taking the missing LED modules into account, while the show features automation as video cues synchronise with motor cues to see the screens fly dramatically around the stage.

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