RMS server and laptop

Building on Meyer Sound’s remote monitoring technology, the new Compass RMS system features the RMServerT, the purpose-built network hardware that communicates loudspeaker performance data over Ethernet and twisted-pair network.

The control interface is now fully integrated into the CompassR 3.0 software, which supports both Mac and Windows. Compass 3.0 also serves as the user interface for the GalileoR loudspeaker management system and the CALT column array loudspeaker.

With the control interface moved to Compass 3.0, users of Compass RMS can perform mute, solo, and wink ID functions and monitor more than a dozen parameters much more efficiently.

These parameters include peak amplifier power and voltage, average amplifier power, limiting, fan speed, and heat sink temperature. Compass RMS adds the ability to automatically discover RMS-equipped loudspeakers on the network, eliminating most data entry.

Compass RMS is built on the IEEE 1722.1 open standard for communication and control. Using a standard router, Compass RMS can be controlled with a wireless computer or a tablet. RMServer works independently of Compass, and can send emergency notifications via email even when Compass is not connected.

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