A new alarm clock can change forever for everybody. Is anything worse than the sound of your alarm clock early in the morning? Are you in a very bad mood when waking up? Do you really need a coffee to start your day? Josh Renouf, a young British designer, is determined to change this routine. We introduce you ‘The Barisien’.

coffee maker alarm clock

Image from @Renouf28

Alarm clock: new concept

The Barisien is a coffee maker alarm clock. It uses stainless steel ball bearings to boil water through induction heating. Nothing new at the moment. When does it start? Here’s the best: at a sleeping user’s pre-selected time. The heated water siphons through a tube, into a metal basket where it percolates into a glass cup. There’s also a option with a slot for a vial of cream and drawer for unused coffee and sugar.

It could be really nice to wake up with the delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee. The negative part is that you can’t buy it right now. We are sorry, there’s any “buy buttom” available yet. But Josh Renouf is working on it. He expects to buy the device as soon as possible. There’s a mailing list on his official website, so you can sign up to be the first to know the availability.

The price is not confirmed yet, but it would cost about $400. As Renouf says on his website, he has a “tenacious attitude for innovation and a desire to explore new ideas”. We agree with him! We want this coffee maker alarm clock.