It is the end of CFL bulbs. General Electric announced it by the end of the year in the United States. They will focus on LED lights. Customers have been migrating toward LEDs since last decade. LED prices have dramatically declined every year and the moment has become.

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As GE informs, “LEDs now account for 15 percent of the 1.7 billion bulbs sold annually in the United States”, so all the effort will began on that direction. Comparing LED lights to other energy-saving illumination methods, we find that LED is by far the most power-saving and smart solution.

Goodbye Bulbs. Benefits of LED
  • LED lightning reaches the best energy efficiency.
  • LED lights have 11 years of continuous operation.
  • They’re eco-friendly.
  • LED lights bright up immediately when powered on.
  • They run under cold and low temperature. Outside and indoor.