How to Reduce Energy Costs in your Home

The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) signed into law in 2007 was established to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and to make the United States less dependent on foreign energy sources. The EISA was designed to transition to more energy efficient lighting lamps over the course of 3 years and created minimum standards for efficiency by 2014. Currently, lighting accounts for approximately 12% of residential energy costs. Benefits of moving to LED bulbs LED replacement bulbs are available from many top manufacturers such as Eaton/Cooper Lighting, CREE and GE. The LED lamps can reduce energy costs by up to 80% and have a life cycle of 25,000-50,000 […]

Upcoming Solar Programs for Customers of FPL

FPL’s Office of Clean Energy is providing an opportunity to receive rebates on Solar Power usage. They are offering up to $9 million in rebates for residential and commercial customers who switch to solar water heaters and solar PV (photo-voltaic) systems. Besides rebates they are also planning on contributing to Educational facilities and non-profit organizations by installing solar panels and water heaters. Although Solar investments may have a larger upfront cost, these systems can pay for themselves in savings while providing us with clean energy. The funding begins at 8:30 AM on October 15th, 2013. They are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.  Those who are interested may apply at For more […]

Finding a great electrician in South Florida

Like with any service provider, finding a great electrical contractor can be a challenging task for commercial properties managers and residential homeowners in South Florida.  Choosing the wrong electrician can potentially hurt the well being of your business and the safety of your family. Fortunately, those consumers looking to hire an electrician in South Florida can protect their investments and their loved ones by following simple strategies. Experience: Asking your electrical contractor how long they have been in business and to provide you with references in your neighborhood is a good starting point. Inquire about the training, experience and certifications held by the technician that will service your business or home. Warranty: […]

Installations of network lighting systems expected to experience dramatic rise

                    A new report titled “Intelligent Lighting Controls for Commercial Buildings” provides a global analysis of market opportunities in commercial applications for lighting controls. The study includes new construction and retrofits solutions. According to the report published recently in, we can expect a dramatic rise worldwide in companies choosing to invest in networked lighting controls and LED lighting by 2020. The report from Navigant Research cited in estimates an increase from $1.7 billion annually in 2013 to more than $5.3 billion by 2020. Contact IBEX Tech to learn more on how you can lower your energy costs through the use of lighting controls […]

New lighting retrofit tool from Lutron

Great news from electrical contractors working on lighting retrofits and lighting control. Today Lutron announced its new line of Maestro® switch capable of dual circuit occupancy sensing. This switch allows for the control of two separate lighting circuits and can be programmed individually. For more information on how we can help you save energy in your home or business with lighting control devices contact IBEX

First Chilfest a resounding success for UEP

UEP’s first ever Chilfest The festival attracted around 5000 people the first day at Pendley Meadow in Tring, Hertfordshire, and reached its 7000 capacity on the second night. UEP’s Steve Butcher – who came up with the ambitious idea to celebrate the Tring based industry technical production company’s 15th birthday. UEP supplied all lighting equipment and visuals – LED screen and cameras – and asked HPSS from Hull on board to look after the PA system. Ben Cash and Dave Amos of Flare Lighting – a London based visual design duo – were commissioned by Butcher to create an overall production design based on being flexible and dynamic to cover […]

Eyeheight announces plug-in legaliser for Final Cut Pro X

Eyeheight complianceSuiteFCX complianceSuiteFCX allows true file-based work-flows from concept to playout by enabling users to verify and conform their content prior to submission to any file-based quality control system, all from within Final Cut. The legaliser is designed for use with high end video source files used for broadcast content production. It supports any combination of file formats and source colour-space available in Final Cut Pro X. Capabilities include composite, RGB, RGB-plus-Y and simultaneous composite-plus-RGB legalising, all with user-adjustable soft clipping at high and low thresholds. High-precision colour-space conversion allows accurate limiting to ensure gamut compliance while keeping the full gamut available for creative use. complianceSuiteFCX users can select from […]

Royal birth inspires JCDecaux Transvision screen campaign

Royal baby campaign by The Sun on JCDecaux’s Transvision rail screen The accompanying text reads “Your Royal Highness, Meet your fellow future rulers of the world”. It was one of several Royal birth-inspired digital screen displays including the BT Tower screen’s ‘It’s a boy’ message and a Johnson & Johnson ad on Outdoor Plus featuring a baby being bathed with the text: “We Treat All Babies Like Royalty”. In 2010, Hello! Magazine used JCDecaux’s PrimeTime screens to announce the publication of a “Souvenir Edition” of the celebrity mag which congratulated and commemorated the couple after their official engagement. Your Comment Cancel reply

ADJ’s Portable Mega TRI38 for ‘entertainers on the go’

ADJ’s Portable Mega TRI38 Sys With Wireless Foot Control An all-in-one portable RGB LED wash system, the Mega TRI38 Sys features a wireless battery-powered foot controller that gives the performer command over functions like Black Out, Sound Activation, Programs and Color from distances up to 60 feet/19M – all with a tap of the toe. It’s a complete system that generates bright, smoothly-blended RGB color washes, all in one package. Included the Mega TRI38 Sys are: 4 x par-style LED wash fixtures; 1 x battery-powered foot controller;  1 x tripod lighting stand;  1 x stand bag; 1 x soft case for the lighting system. Each 4 par-style fixture is powered […]

New firmware for LEDView530 switcher/scaler

LEDView530 PIP is used for the composition of a single displayed image comprised of background content plus a second windowed input channel, viewed on one single LED videowall. Typically the background content will be computer generated. The LEDView530 supports virtually all sources including Mac and PC and the PIP content is a video feed either direct from a camera or via a vision mixer, typically over 3G or HD-SDI. LEDVIew530’s PIP is inserted within the defined output pixel area, so once the overall picture size has been set to suit the LED videowall using Calibre UK’s per-edge-based left/right/top/bottom sizing mechanism ensuring the PIP is automatically sized proportionately within that defined […]