October is National Energy Awareness month!

October is National Energy Awareness month. It is important to manage and conserve energy and water! If household appliances are regularly checked and kept clean and maintained, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 20%. Another way to cut back energy consumption is to switch to energy efficient appliances. Not only will these tips reduce energy consumption but  they can also lessen your heating and electrical bills considerably. Read the full article at: http://www.ase.org/blog/welcome-october-celebrating-national-energy-awareness-month

How to reduce glare in your home.

Glare can cause head aches, nausea, and eye strain. In your home glare can occur in task and general lighting, but there are ways to reduce it. Primarily controlling your light source can reduce glare. Changing the angles at which the light shines and the distance it is from your space is a good starting point. Diffusing lights and covering shiny surfaces are other ways glare can be minimized. To read the full article on minimizing glare in your home go to: http://blog.1000bulbs.com/how-to-minimize-glare-and-eye-strain/

Using light to maximize small spaces

Learn how to maximize the space in a smaller room only using light. Using natural light, optical illusions, various colors, and mirrors to reflect light all contribute to creating a seemingly more spacious room. If there is plenty of lighting a room, it will feel more expansive. To learn more tips on how to give your room a more spacious look go to:  http://www.ieslightlogic.org/lighting/maximizing-space-with-lighting/

Lets go green!

Here are some great tools to conserve energy and save money! Switch to LED lights. They use less energy and last up to 25 times longer than a regular light bulb. Install smart air conditioning or heating. It learns and adjusts to your lifestyle habits and can be programmed right from your phone. Smart power strips. They turn off the power source when electronics are not in use. Stopping your household items from consuming energy all day. Pick the right shower head for your household, by picking one that helps reduce the amount of water you use. Use Green apps on your phone to help make all your environmentally-friendly decisions. […]

How lighting affects your mood.

Studies have shown that lighting can have an effect on your mood. A lack of light can lead to a decrease in mood and a brighter light can lead to an improvement in mood. The amount of light in a setting can affect your Melatonin and Serotonin levels, which can set your body off balance. Adjusting the lighting in your home can significantly improve the way you feel. Read the full article at: http://blog.1000bulbs.com/how-lighting-affects-your-mood/

Light could be influencing your decisions..

Studies show that light has an impact on human perception, performance, behavior, impressions and preference. The intensity of the light and the placement of light both produce physiological effects. The brighter the light, the higher the motivation to work. Different light effects cause different reactions to environments. To learn more about this subject go to http://www.ecmag.com/section/lighting/psychology-light

California proposes use of LED lights

The California Energy commission released a report stating the energy benefits of LED lights versus incandescent bulbs. LEDs are very efficient in preserving energy, they last long and are pleasing to the eye. The California energy commission held a meeting to review the standards proposing the use of energy efficient lights. Read full article at http://www.imperialvalleynews.com/index.php/news/california-news/11421-california-lights-the-way-with-proposals-for-energy-efficient-lights.html

How to prevent Electrical Hazards

Here are a couple tips on how to keep your home safe and avoid electrical hazards: Keep cords in good condition. Water and electricity don’t mix. Ever. Use outlet covers if you have young children. Stay up to date with all your appliances and there needs. For the full list of tips and reasons why to use them go to: http://www.cableorganizer.com/articles/preventing-home-electrical-hazards.html