One more way LED lights are extremely beneficial

Apart from being extremely energy efficient, ecologically friendly, durable, and having an exponentially longer life than other bulbs. LED lights have another extremely beneficial quality that a lot of people don’t know and don’t worry about in their daily routines. Bright lights keep away predators from farm animals during the night. Farmers in rural Africa are using LED light to protect their cattle from Lions and other large predators. To read more about how farmers in rural Africa are using LED lights go to

Which incandescent light bulbs are not banned?

Certain Incandescent bulbs have been banned, meaning that some bulbs will no longer be manufactured. The pressing question is which incandescent light bulbs are still available for purchase? The ban does not include all incandescent light bulbs. It encompasses the 100-,75-,60-, and 40- watt general incandescent light bulbs. Appliance bulbs, candelabra bulbs, rough service bulbs, bug lamps, black lights, colored bulbs, and reflector lamps however, will continue to be produced. To read more about the ban on incandescent light bulbs go to

Some common causes of electrical fires

Electrical fires are more common then one would assume. They result in billions of dollars of property damage, hundred of deaths, and thousands of injuries per year. Some electrical fires occur because of bad wiring or faulty appliances, but many could be avoided with the correction of simple mistakes. Taking the necessary precautions could allow you to create a safer home for you and your family. Read the top five most common causes of electrical fires at

Facts you might not have known about LED light bulbs!

Before you decide whether you are for or against LED light bulbs, learn a couple facts you may not have previously known. LED lights are directional but you can find brands of LEDs that are made to be omnidirectional. There is a difference between the bulbs that are great for indoor lighting and the bulbs that are used for outdoor lighting. LED bulbs do in fact get hot but they contain cooling components, that make them cooler than other bulbs. For even more facts on LED lights, read the full article at:   

Electrical safety tips for the month of october

                Following Christmas, Halloween is the second most prevalent time of the year for house decorations. Elaborate lights are put up and people compete for the spookiest house on the block. As fun and enchanting as this can be, basic safe electrical guidelines should be followed. Certain precautions need to be taken to ensure a safe and fun month of October. A few tips that appealed to me were; avoid stapling through light strings and electrical cords, check conditions of extension and light cords, do not attach cords or lights to metal objects, and always unplug lights before leaving or going to sleep. To […]

The right lights for your garden..

The wrong lighting can interfere with the growth and well-being of your plants. If you already live in a hot place, like Miami, then the lights your using might be giving off too much heat. Excess heat is a major concern when growing plants and the wrong lighting can greatly contribute to the deterioration of your flowers. Switching to LED or fluorescent grow lights are the best alternative. To learn other tips on how to keep your garden cool visit:

Easy tips for Halloween decor

Here are some easy DIY tips to make your house the creepiest house on the block and save money: Black lighting Get Creative DIY crafts Christmas Lights To get the all the tips on how to spice up your home during the Halloween month read:

Home lighting mistakes

Here are some common home lighting mistakes that everyone makes! Number one lighting mistake on the list is blocking natural light. Natural light can really maximize a home, you don’t want to block it with fixtures and curtains. Recessed down lights do not need to be placed everywhere! Dimming light options are great, not enough people have them in their home. Dimming lights can instantly change the mood of a room. Poor lighting around the bathroom vanity mirror is a huge mistake. It is essential to have lights shining down from different angles to avoid those shaving and makeup mishaps. To read the full article on common home lighting mistakes go […]

Light up your man cave!

  Complete your man cave with the right kind of lighting. Installing overhead lighting, entertainment lighting, and themed fixtures can really change your space into something out of the ordinary. To learn more about the best lighting for your man cave go to

Decorating Tips for Fall!

  Here are some cool ways to decorate for fall, incorporating different lighting techniques. Light Stringers (Putting up light stringers in your home can create a pleasing aesthetic. They come in a variety of colors, so you can find some that match your fall preference. For example: yellow, brown, or even orange lights.) Lanterns are a cool decorative idea that are commonly associated with the fall time. Placing these around your home will create a festive environment. Pumpkins! It’s a fun activity to carve pumpkins at this time of the year and place them in front of your home. This year instead of putting candles inside of the pumpkin, wrap LED […]