Tips to make your home Eco-Friendly

  If your making the effort to go green in your home here are some expert tips on how to save the environment and save you money a little bit at a time. Switch out your bulbs to LED lights, and stop leaving lights on in rooms your not using. When it comes to heaters, heat only what you need at the time you need it. Check windows and doors seals, to ensure they’re not old and faulty. Synthetic Grass! Avoid using all your water on keeping that lawn green. Solar Power To read the full article on going green in your home, go to:

Lighting tips!

  If your a photo fanatic and  wondering how to get that edge or achieve that perfect picture. Maybe all you need is the right kind of lighting. Different lighting techniques can really make a world of difference when taking photos. Soft light, hard light, shadows, and source location are all perspectives that should be taken. These effects can make your photo sharp and detailed or delicate and natural. To read the full guide to lighting your picture perfect moment go to:

Saving money and the environment one small step at a time

These lighting tips are not only energy efficient but they are also cost efficient. Here are some small tips to help boost your energy savings. Why not save money and do something beneficial for the environment at the same time! Read the article at

Light Labels explained…

Labels that are on light bulb packaging are beneficial to read. If you follow the facts on the label you can increase your energy savings. There are FTC labels and DOE labels. DOE labels are only on LED lights while FTC labels can be on LEDs, incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs. The FTC label provides information from the manufacturer that homeowners may want to know and the DOE label provides information for a more specific lighting. To learn even more about reading the labels on your lights go to

Safety precautions when pet proofing your home

We all love our four legged friends, but how do we keep them from playing with electrical equipment. Electrical hazards through out the home can cause electric shocks. A shock that could mildly effect an adult human could severely harm a small dog or kitten. In the link provided are some precautions you can take to keep your pet safe.

Fight fatigue with blue light

Researchers have found that exposure to blue light can increase alertness in humans. Participants exposed to blue light versus green light were rated more alert and less sleepy. This finding can be extremely useful in improving performance and warding off fatigue. To read the complete article on how blue light has an alerting effect go to

Have some fun with colored lighting!

Colored Lighting can be a fun and effective way to spread your holiday cheer. As holiday season approaches let your decorative spirit lead the way. Colored lights are a great way to spruce up your home. You can use colored light bulbs for any occasions, in fact you can use colored lighting all year round. If you want that fun effect inside the house, standard shape bulbs come in a variety of colors and can be fit into any room. These lights can set the mood for any occasion, from foot-ball games to specific events. You can add that splash of color to any part of your home; indoors, outdoors, bedrooms, […]

Scientists target pain with light

Scientists discovered a way to control pain and hunger with light. This is a major finding for those who suffer chronic pain and injuries. These discoveries could contribute to pain relief and disease. In addition these incredible findings were made completely on accident! Read the full article on nerves and light sensitivity at