32 Workers Died on the Job in Massachusetts in 2012

The 2013 “Dying for Work in Massachusetts” report reveals that 32 Massachusetts workers suffered fatal injuries on the job in 2012, and an estimated 320 died of occupational illnesses. The 32 fatalities reflect a decrease from the 58 fatalities in the commonwealth in 2011 and the 47 fatalities in 2010; overall, however, occupational fatalities in Massachusetts have fluctuated over the last 25 years. The report, “Dying for Work in Massachusetts: The Loss of Life and Limb in Massachusetts,” is developed by the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (MassCOSH), and Western MassCOSH. Key findings include: The average age of death was 50 years old. Seven firefighters […]

Five Common Slip and Fall Myths

According to the Montgomery Insurance Company, a 150-year-old insurance company based in Charlotte, N.C., several myths and misunderstandings surround the issue of slip and fall accidents. These misconceptions include the following: Shiny floors are less slip resistant than less shiny floors. A floor’s shine rarely has anything to do with how safe it is or its slip resistance. Buffing or burnishing a floor decreases a floor’s slip resistance. According to the insurance company, “Floor surfaces tend to increase in [slip] resistance if the floor is [properly] buffed.” The greater the slip resistance, the safer the floor is. If the slip resistance is too high, “maintenance costs [can] go up” because soil […]

Joan Aixa appointed as director Maverick Iberia

Joan Aixa, Maverick Iberia He joined in 2006 as product manager being promoted to Maverick divisional manager in 2009. Since then Aixa has created a specialist AV business covering Spain and Portugal. Jon Sidwick, director of Maverick Europe, commented ‘’Joan has worked extremely hard to create one of the leading AV distributors in Iberia His promotion is much deserved and is a signpost to the strong growth plans we have in this area in the future’’ Your Comment Cancel reply

AMX launches PDXL-2 dual power over DXLink controller

AMX PDXL-2 The PDXL-2 helps in long distance AV delivery in three ways; firstly, as a DXLink power injector it enables data and power transport of up to 30 watts on each of the PDXL-2’s two available DXLink device outputs between transmitters and receivers located up to 100 metres away from each other. Additionally, by injecting Power over DXLink via the existing DXLink path, a stand-alone point-to-point DXLink Transmitter to Receiver installation can be created for single room applications. It also eliminates the inconvenience and cost of installing electrical outlets at every transmitter or receiver location. While the PDXL-2 was primarily designed to make remote AV distribution simpler to manage, […]

Engage boosts Innovation Store with transparent screens

Planar LookThru Based on a combination of digital and physical, the display boxes incorporate a transparent screen. The display box is an enclosed showcase fronted by a clear glass surface that can display multimedia content in front of items placed inside the unit. Digital content is integrated with physical items, creating a way to engage viewers, promote products and provide information in a variety of settings, including retail, museums, sports arenas and corporate lobbies. Engage is adding the 32in LookThru from Planar and a 22in screen from Realfiction to its online Innovation Store and can integrate these display boxes into projects and build them flush into merchandising spaces. Your Comment […]

Dorchester Odeon gets second ADI outdoor screen

Outdoor screen, ODEON cinema Dorchester Positioned above the main entrance to the cinema, the new 14m² LED display is used to promote upcoming film releases and communicate show-times. The new installation follows ADI’s creation of the ‘Screen on the Square’ last October, which is a giant 60m² LED display on the side of Dorchester’s Odeon. Content is managed directly by Odeon using Saturn’s Connectvision software, with Saturn already providing internal digital signage for Odeon cinemas across the UK. Located at the heart of the Brewery Square regeneration project and acting as a hub for the local community and businesses, the giant screen is due to be unveiled to the public […]

Fatalities in West, Texas: Was Incremental Rationalization to Blame?

Thirty years in the safety profession, countless hours of incident investigations, hundreds of reports detailing how and why bad things happen to good people, and yet sometimes the end result is the same: a safety process was not followed and therefore one or more people paid the ultimate price. Fellow safety professionals all over the world are undoubtedly shaking their heads because they too have seen the consequences of organizational risk-takers and their impact on employee and community safety. So here it is again. Another fatal industrial explosion, this one resulting in more than a dozen lives lost and a community damaged. You’ve read and heard the news – officials […]

Factory Collapse in Bangladesh Kills More than 80 Workers

Workers enter a Bangladesh garment factory in 2009. According to the Clean Clothes Campaign, 80 percent of Bangladesh’s 2.4 million garment workers are women. Tragedy has struck garment factory workers in Bangladesh once again: A building that housed multiple garment factories in Savar, Bangladesh, collapsed the morning of April 24. Initial reports indicate that more than 80 workers, mostly women, were killed. According to media reports, employees were ordered to work even though visible cracks had been discovered in the eight-storey building the day before. In addition to the dozens of workers who lost their lives, others remain trapped in the rubble and potentially hundreds more have been […]

Finnish Company UPM’s Accident Frequency Dropped 40 Percent in a Year

UPM, with its 22,000 employees at production plants in 17 countries, has achieved success with a workplace safety initiative that was launched at the beginning of 2012. In the year since the beginning of the Step Change in Safety 2012–2014 initiative, UPM’s global lost time accident frequency (LTAF) decreased by 40 percent. The safety initiative has two goals: to achieve world-class safety results within 3 years and to prevent any fatal accidents at UPM facilities. “A 40 percent decrease in accidents at work is a great improvement,” said Jussi Pesonen, CEO of UPM. “The development was positive in all business areas and at the end of 2012, nine production units […]

SCV to distribute Livid Instruments

Jay Smith (left) and Matt Esau (right) with the new Base touch senstive control surface Livid Instruments has been crafting custom controllers in Austin, Texas, since 2004, and offers a line of commercially available MIDI control surfaces and DIY products. Matt Esau, SCV’s Marketing Manager, remarked “Livid comes at exactly the right point for us. We took a good look at our portfolio in January, made some hard decisions, and have now refocused where we are heading. There was an obvious gap for a computer based controller product line and they don’t get much better than Livid’s custom surfaces. We are very excited to bring such innovative and superbly made […]